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McIntosh, Parasound, PS Audio, Cambridge for Forte IV??

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Looking to step up my amp game on a pair of Forte IV's. Currently they are part of a Klipsch heritage home theater setup with Forte IV's in the left and right position and Heresy IV's in all other positions for the main 7 channels. Utilizing an Anthem AVM70 Pre/Pro and currently Emotiva XPA Gen 3 amplifiers one 5 channel and one 6 channel. I would really like to step up the left and right channel to something a bit more musical. Looking at the McIntosh MC152, Parasound A21+, Parasound A23+, Cambridge Edge W, possibly others. I really like the idea of tubes with these but using it for movies and TV a lot means i hate the idea of going through tubes yearly. If I did go tubes i would probably be considering something like the Rogue M180 monoblocks. Anyone heard any or all of these? suggestions and discussion welcome. Thanks in advance.

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I have been listening to 2.1 movies for years with my Quicksilver Amps.    Zero failures save a few tubes in the past 8 years


I still do it with a 300b,  that amp is on all of the time for music and movies.    Some tube amps are self biasing and very user friendly 


As for an amp I would encourage you to demo one at home.   Forte are very revealing of system changes .    The only SS amp ive used with mine is an Acurus 200 watt amp ....not a good match.    

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I purchased my Primaluna EVO 400 about 3 years ago. After a month a tube arced and Upscale Audio had a new El34 tube replacement to me that same day. I now run KT150s and have never had another tube wear out or fail. My EVO400 is used for TV and music many hours a day. The EVO is self biasing so there is virtually no maintenance and I anticipate it will be years before any tube replacement will be required. A well designed Integrated tube amp doesn’t have to similar to owning a boat and be just another money pit. The combo of my Forte IVs, REL S 812 sub and EVO400 is magic.

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