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Klipschorn placement, need advice for possible purchase

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3 hours ago, jeff spicoli said:

I did and they are more beautiful (and bigger) than i imagined. The seller even imcluded some Dean G Super AA networks!!


After a 12 hour round trip I had no energy to unload them last night so I'll post some pics later 

Awesome, just glad to hear the deal went through. We'll wait patiently. 

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Here they.are....unfortunately I still have a lot to do including moving the records and I have to wait till Feb 6 for the pool table to be moved but I'm still gonna make things work. The speakers are way bigger than I realized 


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2 hours ago, Shakeydeal said:


I transported Khorns in a rented Dodge caravan. Worked great. The rear seats folded down into the floor essentially making it a cargo van.



I’ve brought home Polk SDA SRS, La Scala, and others in my Element. People are always surprised. Seeing those khorns in the Caravan got me wondering. 

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Speakers are sweet, you did well.


I can't believe you got those into a minivan. I brought my second set home in a 15' uhaul truck, massively strapped to pallets, with massive amounts of padding all around. all for a 90, mile drive (1.5 hrs). The seller probably thought I was a putz!


Then again, I don't have a minivan

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On 1/22/2023 at 3:16 PM, Dr Morbius said:

Dean’s networks look just fine to me.



Off topic, but I think those are from the time he was doing stuff for Al.


Great looking Khorns!

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