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Klipschorn placement, need advice for possible purchase

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6 hours ago, Shakeydeal said:


I transported Khorns in a rented Dodge caravan. Worked great. The rear seats folded down into the floor essentially making it a cargo van.



I suppose that both bass bins can fit upright to make that work.

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i have them in the corners on the long wall...ill post a pic later tonight. i have to wait till Feb 6 to disassemble the pool table so that's kind of a buzz kill but with everything in disarray i quickly hooked them up to my Anthem 225 integrated (with stock x-overs) just to see how they sounded and it was freaking glorious....even my 3 year old commented on how good they sounded haha


I'm going to focus on treating the room now since the floor is laminate. Its a tad bright but that's to be expected 

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31 minutes ago, jeff spicoli said:

Its a tad bright but that's to be expected 

Which stock crossovers do you have? If this is your first experience with KH's, most find them bright (listeners of cone only based speakers) and perhaps based on crossovers used. But after listening to a wide variety of music I decided I liked it better. But room treatments will help tame 2nd reflections and will help with that.

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19 hours ago, OO1 said:

any brand in particular ?

No brand name in particular, but anything with medium or hard felt seems to work best. Hard plastic feet (no more than say 1" diameter) are my second choice on hard floors, for pushing short distances and if the floor is swept clean of hard particles. Otherwise there is a risk of scratching.


Is that what you were asking?

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Quad Khorns i have the Type AA that originally came with the speakers. I didn't use the Deans because i just wanted to hook them up to listen as soon as possible


This is not my first time with Khorns but it is the first time with decent corners and quality electronics. I'll be running them with a pair of VRD monoblocks so that will tame them a bit

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