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Amazon Prime rant


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I have been an Amazon Prime member for many, many years. I live in Belgium, and recently (last year), Amazon opened a warehouse in Belgium, and they also have an amazon website for Belgian customers. So I migrated my Prime account from amazon.de to amazon.com.be

There was a warming: this migration cannot be turned back. I can never become a prime amazon.de member again...

Why the rant?

  • Amazon Prime is advertising 'order today, delivered the next day': up to now, when ordering CDs for example, they NEVER have delivered the next day.
  • Their products are NOT taking into account the local market: their DVDs or Blurays don't come with Dutch subtitles, the laptops they sell have QUERTY layout, while in Belgium we use AZERTY layout
  • the number of products is ridiculously low, compared to amazon.de, and prices are always higher
  • their 'deals' are peanuts compared to the deals in the neighbouring countries
  • etc


Thank you for you time and patience...



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