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Miles Davis essential CDs


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Around 30 years ago, when I was in my early 20s, I started buying jazz CDs. I wanted to build a collection of essential albums. I bought them on CD, not on vinyl, because in that era, 'digital' was modern and hip.

The first CDs I bought were Miles Davis Birth of the Cool and Kind of Blue. In the years that, followed, I bought some more, like Miles Ahead. The man recorded a huge number of albums, so where do you start, when do you stop buying? I stopped buying, I guess, when I started a family (wife and three kids).

Now, my kids are in their teens, so I started buying CDs again. Sometimes, I buy vinyl records, but budget wise, it makes more sense to buy CDs.


This weekend, I bought two more Miles Davis albums, which are considered 'essential': ESP (1965) and B*tches Brew (my censoring) The 40th anniversary edition

ESP is considered a landmark album because all the compositions were all-new, it is the second Miles Davis Quintet album. 

The B*tches Brew box is really special, because it contains 3 CDs: CD1 + 2 is the original album plus alternate takes and single edits; CD3 is a 1970 Live at Tanglewood recording, and there is also DVD with a live concert at Copenhagen (1969). The box is beautifully made and has a thick booklet inside with lots to read and nice pictures, including the original album cover art. Davis recorded this album in 1969, which is also the year I was born. The album became Davis' first RIAA gold album. When I listen to it now, on CD, I finally 'get it'. Yes, I listened to it in the past, on Spotify, but for some reason, I didn't 'get it' then. Is it because of the medium? Is it because I'm older now? I don't know. But Davis is a musical genius!









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10 hours ago, oldtimer said:

I have yet to take the leap from vinyl to cd's for archival enjoyment.

 For archival purposes I would choose vinyl records too, but this 40th birthday box cost only 15 euro and has so much more to listen and watch to than the double LP, which is 19.99 euro or more... 

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Your  sampling rate from Spotify to CD is probably better on CD than Spotify and why it sounds better.   Not trying to turn this in which is better as I enjoy vinyl, CD, hi res downloads, and Spotify streaming.  I've recently started ripping my CDs to my NAS and am enjoying them all over again as it is quite convenient.   I will have to check these albums out.  I'm sure the box set is nice, but if available on HDtracks, I catch myself purchasing from there first.  Thanks for the recommendation. 

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