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Relaxing video about crafting a tube amp plinth


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Thanks for the vid, watched the whole thing, was relaxing and got a few tips!  Making an armboard for a Thorens 124, how hard can that be, even for a newbie (worked in a crate shop, decades ago), bought a couple of pieces of Bulbinga, cut it, hand-sanded it for hours then ruined it, mismeasured the screw holes. Will use the method the guy used. Bought a router and palm sander, made a second, fudged the width and dont like the way it looks. On my third...... Iam a idiot! Haha, live and learn!


Next audio project is a Lenco L75, have most parts I need including PTP4 top plate, watched a bunch of YouTube vids on how to rout an insert for the top plate could not find one (for a beginner) that is clear on how to do it. This one showed me the way.




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Yup, same vid. Interesting coincidence that he used Bulbinga veneer. I thought it a good looking, fairly non-resonant hardwood but, for me, after all that sanding, not a good aesthetic match for the Thorens so the 3rd will be Wenge. Have no woodworking skills to speak of, but learning, so bought a used extended 12" Ortofon style plinth off the other site, dont know who the builder is. The Lenco plinth is raw layered birch ply, from the guys in Moldova. Super cheap even with shipping. Now comes the adventure in finishing, which the vid is helpful. 

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