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Speaker Hum - I Know the Cause - Can I Fix?

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I have a couple of JBL floorstanding speakers hooked up to my Harman Kardon 7300. The setup is fine but when I turn on my kitchen lights which are can lights mounted in the ceiling I get nasty speaker buzz. The lights are dimmable FEIT (the manufacturer of the lights) CFL's which I really like. So, what I have to do is turn off the kitchen lights when I use this setup.
I think the buzz is generated by something in the ballast of these lights and it is spewing interference out through the wiring.
Does anyone know of a device that you can plug into a wall outlet which could remove this buzz when the lights are on? I would plug my stereo into that outlet with the device.
Thanks much.

Mike Gallery




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  try   different  outlets for the sound system   , if that does not work ,  hire a  qualified  Electrician to  diagnose the issue , the normal solution is  to  install a new outlet   using a  different household   circuit  .

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