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Prices are getting stupid….


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The price of old Heritage speaker asking prices have sure risen in the last couple of years. The price increase of new ones probably has a lot to do with it as well as fewer being offered on the market. That and the inflation we all are experiencing now. It was not that long ago, for me being 73 years old, that the price of an old pair of LaScala's hovered in the $500 range. Good for owners of old Heritage speakers but limits others from hearing great horn sound. 

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I'd thought about Klipschorns for my upstairs room but will not pay the stupid prices they are asking; It's just not that important to me.  If it got down to it, I'd probably build a set, like I did my Belle inspired speakers I built 5 years ago.  Sure they aren't the real thing but also not $5k+ and if I get 90% of the sound, I'll never know the difference.  lol  I shoulda kept that mint original owner set I bought 15 years ago for $500.  Sigh...

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