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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k now supports Atmos and Spatial Audio for Amazon Music!


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I listen to Amazon Music very frequently.  I bought a Fire TV Stick 4K for its ability to handle 24/192 hi-res audio for streaming.


Tonight when I fired up Amazon Music I was surprised to see Dolby Atmos shown next to some of the songs listed! I went into the settings and saw a new Spatial Audio setting.  Going in to it, the menu confirmed that my device can play Dolby Atmos.  There is a box that you need to highlight and select Enable Spatial Audio.  After selecting an Atmos track to play I confirmed on my receiver that it is processing an Atmos signal.


I’m listening to some tracks right now, unfortunately at lower volumes because of how late it is but I’m pretty impressed by the mixes I’ve heard so far.  They definitely add a really cool layer of dimension to music!

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Man, Bohemian Rhapsody in Atmos is a trip!  Voices coming from everywhere!


There’s tons of songs on Amazon Music that don’t say they’re Atmos but do play as such.  I’m guessing it’ll take a while for Amazon to update their entire catalog to show what songs are available in the Atmos format.

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