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B&K upgrades coming


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i've been out of the loop lately, but thanks to a head's up from blackhawk over on the avr307 thread i called b&k tech support to confirm. upgrades for the reference 30 pre/pro to come in early to mid-feb.

essentially upgrades it to the new ref 50 (but w/o balanced connections) w/ a new motorola dna dsp 150 mips & 192/24 dacs. but nothing done yet w/ the ieee port (firewire) of course since there's still no new dvd-audio digital connection standard. 15.gif

for software it adds DPL II, dts es matrix & discrete, & dts:neo. like BH reported they still don't know on thx ultra II.

upgrade looks like the way to go for me unless i could get $1900 for my approx. 1-yr old ref 30, which doesn't seem practical now w/ new (not upgraded) ref 30s going for around that, from what i hear.

looks like the new ref 50s are going for around $2500 at online (unauthorized) dealers & sounds like the ref 30 upgrade would be around 600-$700.

anyway, i'm still excited for my 1st b&k upgrade. can't imagine how the new dsp & dacs could make the sound any more crystal clear than it is now, but have been wanting the PLII, Neo & dts es 6.1 discrete real bad.

& who knows, if they don't ever get a digital connection standard set for dvd-audio, may have to get a dvd-audio player & use the analog connections.

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Hey Boa,

I know I read just the other day that the "dvd consortium", or whatever the heck they call themselves, is about to announce a standard for a digital interface for dvd-a based on ieee "firewire" technology. So hang in there. I just hope the current Pioneer system is compatible, 'cause that DV-47Ai is lookin' better every day! 3.gif

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Boa, Let me know how the upgrade goes and how long you will be without your 30. And really, how much better can the 30 sound? Can you tell a big difference between sampling rates of 192 vice 96? If you have a DVD player like the Pioneer 47Ai, would you even use the processor in the 30?

I read somewhere that the B&K ref stuff was considered mid-fi equipment. What separates mid-fi from the hi-fi? Price? Name? Performance? If it's performance, I'd say the B&K was up there.

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jd, that'd be great! hopefully it gets out in time for this upgrade then b&k could activate that firewire port.

flas, will do. b&k are a great value. f.e., after the upgrade the ref 30 will have the same dsp (processor) as the aragon stage one selling for much more. also crystal 192/24 dacs.

guess mid-fi is a relative term. b&k has great components & build like the high end, but a lower price. guess that's what makes them "mid-fi". lower prices than the aragons, etc. 2.gif

i'm hoping for the industry to introduce that new firewire standard to get that new dvd-audio player. 1st they have to get that new standard out, then b&k has to upgrade/activate the ieee (firewire) port.

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