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SOLD: Amp Camp Mini with upgraded External PSU


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I built this Nelson Pass Amp Camp Mini for fun and used it for a few months, but I am mostly listening to my less efficient speakers so I need to let this go. 

6 watts Class A and to me, it sounds almost exactly like an F5 but 1/4 the power. Most Klipsch speakers only need 2-4 watts to get LOUD, so having an amp of this size to show off on your horns is really FUN!


I put this on top of my Pass XA25 and allowed friends to listen to it on my Horned Heil full range speakers and they were shocked to know it was this small amp. 

I also have a 24V external PSU I built with an AMB ó11 PSU and it makes the amp sound even better. 

I can sell it with a meanwell PSU for $250 total or with the Sigma ó22 PSU for $350. 

please help cover shipping. Thanks!





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For anyone not familiar with the ACA mini, I can vouch for it's sound quality. I just finished one and am using it with a passive pre and it has plenty of power to drive my AK-2 Klipschorns. And it has a sweet sound from top to bottom with lots of dimension.

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On 3/7/2023 at 7:15 AM, Dneu2011 said:

Bump. This amp is still available with the external PSU or the original 24V switching PSU. 

Do you accept PayPal? Can you give me a shipping quote for the ACA mini with the original 24v power supply to zip code 21234?

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  • Dneu2011 changed the title to SOLD: Amp Camp Mini with upgraded External PSU

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