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Eminence Alpha A-15 15" drivers (Pair) Open Baffle Cabinets if you Want Them


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I have two Eminence Alpha A-15 15" drivers. They are currently in the Open Baffle H-Frames you see below the big Oris horns. Nice but not perfect zebra wood veneer job. The veneer was not cheap and the rest of the materials not to mention my time makes them so I'll never recover my costs.


$200 for the pair, you haul away at zip 21154 or make Uship arrangements.


Drivers are currently $145 each at Parts express. They make excellent open baffle projects. 


If you just want the drivers I have the original boxes (I think). You pay actual shipping and still just $200 for the pair OBRO. 


Here is some info on the build of the boxes if you are remotely interested:











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Some interest in the cabinet size. 18" front to back, 21 inches wide and 21 inches high. They were built such that that driver is centered in a eighteen inch capitol "H". Thus the H frame name for this type of open baffle design. 







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On 3/17/2023 at 11:34 AM, Godataloss said:

Bump for super cool build. 


Thanks, had some local interest but the trail went cold. Spring cleaning is around the corner...come get them before the land fill does and the drivers go to USAudiomart.

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