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On 2/21/2023 at 4:26 PM, offisland said:

I have a pair of k-700 metal horns, $100 with USPS shipping in the continental 48. One is as original, one is with casting ridges ground off. The grinding  appears to be filled with epoxy. If interested will post pics.


Sent you a message.  Sorry, I missed your response.

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Five phone photos follow showing lighter cast aluminum (best measuring) K-700 horns. Fit is for K-55-V drivers. One is four hole mounting (easily converted to 8), and the epoxy one is eight hole mounting.  






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1 minute ago, offisland said:

Send me your email and shipping address, evidently the forum requires more posts then I have before can send a private message.

Just one more post by you will enable the pm/private messages.

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5 minutes ago, offisland said:

Tracking number shows delivery occurred Wednesday morning 3/22/23 just before 8:00 AM. Enjoy your horns!

you can share  payment and tracking  information via a   PM    , pm's  are private messages  

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