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Klipsch Forte near or away from the rear wall debate

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3 hours ago, hron61 said:

Well said.

When I had my Forte 1s and a pair of WL 300b's and a sub, with vinyl thats exactly how I would describe the sound.

I had the Fortes out from the wall about 5-6 feet.

A truly incredible sound.

I would close my eyes listening to the music and it would feel like I was there with the musicians. I miss that setup to this day.

My favorite thing about listening to music on my main system is when listening to James Taylor and Jackson Browne with my eyes closed and feeling like they are playing just for me in my living room. The combo of the Primaluna EVO, Forte IVs,REL S812 is pure musical joy. I want for nothing. Btw my Forte IVs sound best 12” from the back wall with a very tiny toe in  with grills on.

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Interesting to hear everyone's preference for Forte location. I have IV's and prefer them about 32 inches from the back wall. After reading this thread I've learned that I like less bass than most. At 32 inches I still get plenty of bass, deep and fast, the way I like it. When I tried them 11 inches the bass was overpowering. I do have vinyl storage on the side-back of the Fortes which I think corner loads them, adding to the need to get them far from the back wall. 

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