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Center speaker to go with a pair of KLF-10's, and a new receiver question.


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My current receiver is a Sony 2 channel and I want to move up to a home theater type, so looking at these:






I want to buy a used Klipsch center speaker, so which one to look for? There is a KSP-C6 close-by on Fleabay, 

& a KLF-C7 in the garage here. I'm not sure which one would be better for my set up?

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The KLF-C7 is the matching center speaker for the Legend series.  I did a direct comparison of those two centers (plus a Heresy II) with KLF-30 mains.  I posted it to the Klipsch Owners Facebook group a year or two ago.  Here's what I wrote:


"Now that I finally have KLF-C7 I decided to do a comparison between that and the center I’ve used for years with my KLF-30, a single Heresy II.  I also threw in the KSP-C6 that I got with the KSP-S6 I purchased a few weeks ago to see how it fairs.  Since I redid the family room system with Palladiums, my KLF-30 have been moved into a two-channel system in the less used living room.  I’m driving them with an older pre-HDMI Denon surround receiver.  So, I temporarily hooked up the center speaker connection and moved the KLF-30 slight further apart to fit in a center.  All speakers except the KSP-C6 have Crites titanium tweeter diaphragms installed.  I only have an old “universal” DVD player hooked up there, so I had to use DVD movies and multi-channel DVD-A/SACD discs for the test.  Since I don’t have the space or equipment to set up rapid switching between them, I determined and recorded the proper level for each center before all the testing.  That way I quickly reset the proper level when switching them.  I know this is not a scientific test but my impressions of each are as follows:


Heresy II:  I almost didn’t bother getting this out of the box to test since I’ve used it as the center for the KLF-30 since I got them and been very satisfied.  Since both the KLF-30 and Heresy cross from horns to cones at nearly the same frequency (825 Hz, 850 Hz) the low distortion through the mid-range comes through on each.  To my ear, this is best match of the three.  They work very seamlessly together particularly in the vocals.


KSP-C6:  Using this as center immediately reminded me of the short time that I had an Academy as a center with my Forte.  I did not find those two to be a good sonic match.  The Academy was a good speaker but sounded more like KG series to me.  It’s the same with the KSP-C6 in this case.  While it’s a good speaker it is own right, it is not a good sonic match for the KLF-30.  I found myself constantly distracted by the mismatch.  One interesting thing about this speaker is that while it has a square horn mouth it actually has a “slot-horn” design (parallel vertical walls that then widen out more than the horizontal walls) giving it a 90° horizontal x 60° vertical coverage pattern, which is the opposite of the KLF-C7.  Because of this I expected it to have decent off-axis performance, but I was wrong.  I found that the sound quality dropped pretty rapidly as you moved off-axis.  Since I now have the KLF-C7 for the system I’m putting together for my son, I’ll likely end up selling this one at some point.  (Edit: On second thought, this would probably be a good match for my stand mounted AW-650.  If my son wants to do outdoor movie night with his friends again, I can make it a 5-channel setup using the AW-650, the KSP-C6, and a pair of KSP-S6 on stools.  😊 )


KLF-C7:  I was very skeptical of this being a good match with the 3-way Legend series towers even though it’s the center made for the Legend series.  My experience of mixing 2-way and 3-way Klipsch speakers in the front stage has not been good.  However, the KLF-C7 really surprised me.  This is a really good center speaker and a good match for the KLF-30.  While it is missing some of the mid-range richness of the Heresy II, I found the match across the front to be very good and almost never distracting.  Also, even with the horn coverage pattern being 90° vertical x 60° horizontal the off-axis performance was quite good for a horizontal MTM speaker.  It’s the first 2-way center that I could likely live with.  I’m really glad I finally snagged one of these."

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35 minutes ago, Motor7 said:

Just wondering, would it be blasphemy to even think about mixing in the new with the old?.....a R-52C


http://centerspeakerzone.com/klipsch-r-52c-review/  bottom of the barrel....or a better freq response:




you can wire a pair of RP-160M for a center  , current promo is 195$  /Free shipping .https://www.newegg.com/klipsch-1060686/p/0S6-0033-001D7

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