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Is the K-47-EP2 an OEM Eminence KAPPAPRO18LF8 ?

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Im having a hell of a time finding a pair of K-47-EP2 drivers to make a second KPT-684, so have been looking under every rock…..


In doing so, I have compared the Eminence KAPPAPRO18LF8 driver 


It is visually identical, and even the specs and sensitivity (+6db for a pair of drivers in parallel) is a match for the KPT-684


Is it possible these drivers are actually one and the same with a different sticker on the back??


sure would make my life easier as they are available off the shelf new



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The Klipsch woofers usually have the Eminence manufacturing number on them. I've used that to ask for the t/s parameters and they have usually sent an email with them.


They usually won't match any of the regular production drivers.

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