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Klipsch AK2


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I have Klipschorns with AK-2 crossovers. I've had them for nearly thirty years. I use all kinds of amps to drive them and they always sound good. Many here will tell you to upgrade to AK-3 crossover. I did that with factory parts over twenty years ago. I have gone back to AK-2 because it is my preference. The only real difference is the AK-2 has a slightly lower mid horn level, -2db relative to that of the AK-3.

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On 3/26/2023 at 4:27 PM, aleftwich22 said:

Looking to purchase some used AK2s. Anything I should look out for? Are there tube  amy types or back end tubes I should look for? Yea, I really would like a tube amp to drive the, Any help would be appreciated. thanks

Scott 222 or 299   series 

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