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Pros and Cons of LaScala AL5 with DSP

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First spend the time to locate your speakers in your room.


given the weight of La Scalals  a couple of $15.00 roller dollies will really help



also a simple electronic measure helps. Simple way to measure distances to back and side walls as well as you listening position. In addition you would be surprised that when you tilt you speakers how far off your eyes will get you.




Also some blue masking tape will allow you mark and try different locations. Also due to room differences your toe in may or may not be equal


One your speakers are located, then the impact of DSP will be enhanced


Hope this helps  Enjoy The Music



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On 4/4/2023 at 4:32 AM, Stube-id said:

Pros, cons and preference of LaScala AL5s with and without DSP?

Set them up with and AVR (THX rated preferred)

Do the set up with the microphone on stereo

Then use the direct button to toggle back and forth.


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What is your DSP source?  I would EQ the low end a little with a boost shelf around 60hz then put a high pass -48dB at 40hz.


Try with and without roomeq after that if available.


Ive had poor experience with AVR room EQ on several units

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