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Help identifying Heresy speakers


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I need some help identifying my Heresy speakers (2nd owner, acquired about 12 years ago), as I've read conflicting information re serial numbers, driver labelling, etc. A paper label on the back of one cabinet has “8444973” and what I assume are craftsmen's names (label on the other speaker was unfortunately partially removed). Both boxes have an “S” die stamped into the rear frame, although not in the same place. One speaker has the “Type E2” balancing network mounted on the left, the other on the right. Identifying numbers: woofers are marked with what appears to be “K-22-?” (ink was smeared, so difficult to be sure); squawkers, “K-53”; tweeters, “K77”, “14 824 0137”, and “440”.


Attached are pictures (grayscale to reduce file size) of various details of both cabinets. I would be very grateful if someone can tell me how to determine the model (Heresy I, II, or III) and year of manufacture.







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You have what we have coined a Heresy 1.5, made in 1984.  They have Heresy II squawkers and are transition models.  About that time, the AlNiCo K-55-Vs became difficult to get, so Klipsch moved to ferrite drivers in all models.  "HBO" appears to mean Heresy, Black Oak.  The woofer may be a K-22-R.  Made by Rola Company. 

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