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Trying out the Klipsch R-800F - need some advice on Reference and Reference Premiere

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I am auditioning a few speakers and I just bought (1) R-800F from Best Buy. I already have a SB-2000 subwoofer, but with initial settings of "Large" and "LFE+Main" is yielding good results for me. Due to my dead zones in my large open room, this bass extension is exactly what I needed. However, there are 2 issues that is preventing me from closing the deal:
1) The soundstage is terrible. I do a lot of indirect listening (i.e. kitchen) and it is very noticeable. My Polks and Revels are much better
2) The "highs" are indeed fatiguing, worse than my Polks. I want more highs than the Revel F36 and willing to do up to the Polk RTI level...

How does the Klipsch Reference Premier RP-8000F II and the RP-280F compare with each other and to the R-800F? What differences should I hear between those? Will either solve my 2 issues? Any other alternative speakers with an 8" woofer in this price range? I do 80% music..

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Regarding the Klipsch R800f, it is definitely more my style than the Revel and Polks, however during vocal heavy songs like Adele it is quite muddy and not much separation from the instruments. Revels sound much better here. How do you think the RP series handles this?

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As wuzzzer stated, the RP line is the actual successor to the original Reference series.  The current Reference (R) series is the successor to the Icon/Synergy.  The RP is therefore the better line.  As for your RP-8000F vs. RP-280F comparison, the RP-8000F is the newer of the two, and will likely incorporate whatever new technology is the latest with the line.

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