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H. H. Scott 208 ugly stereo power amp

Audio Flynn

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I thought my adult kids or son in laws would get interested in vintage. They prefer soundbar and subwoofer.

I have vintage equipment in storage that I purchased and maintained over the past 10-20 years that I need to take out of the inventory and liquidate to simplify retirement.


The 208 was rebuilt by NOS Vales around 2004 and last serviced before I used VRD as my primary tube amp in 2012.


All Scott 208 amplifiers are pulled from consoles. They are all ugly.

With the crazy inflation I have no clear idea on equipment values. I will supply pictures if there is interest and consider a trade for a H H Scott 130 or LC21 stereo preamp.


$ 850 including shipping.

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Apologies I have sold nothing in over ten years. I like my stuff.


My first degree was from Michigan State University in Packaging Engineering.


Amp will be double boxed and floated in whatever media you prefer. I start with double buble wrap. Tubes will be individually wrapped and shipped in a separate box. I recently had a friend buy a high end TT that was shipped with the platter installed and subsequently destroyed in transit.


Carrier and packaging is negotiable.


I research intensively. I respect a potential buyers research.

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1 hour ago, elmerc said:

Although this post is a year old this week, I'm throwing a, "did this sell yet?" post.  Very interested if not.  Thanks!

Give him a minute. He’s not been here in a month. 

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