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Lascala crossover question

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If you sent the crossovers to Klipsch, they would have tested them, and then cleaned them up. They would’ve unscrewed the capacitors from the board to check for leaking oil. If the cans checked out, they would have wiped everything down and sent them back to you. I’m sure they’re fine.

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Deang, thanks for your response. Hopefully in a few month I’ll be in a position to move speakers into added on room and begin their repairs. It’s been a long time. And I hope they hold up. I’ve pictures I wood like to add but I’m not saavy enough to shrink them below 2.3 in size. 

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On 5/10/2023 at 5:15 PM, Kevin cornette said:

and if anyone’s been long winded it’s me. I’m new to this tech and forum so thank for replying. I need y’all advice.  


Long-winded?  Hah!  Hang around for a while and you'll see some long-winded posts, not least from me.  Don't worry if it takes a few paragraphs to explain what you're describing.  That means fewer back-and-forth posts trying to clarify what each of you actually mean.  As for help, the Forum is a great place for everyone to share their accumulated knowledge and (occasionally) wisdom.  I learned most of what I know here, even though I foolishly thought I already knew a lot.  If you stick around long enough, at some point, you'll be the one sharing your knowledge.


Finally, welcome to the Forum!

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On 5/12/2023 at 9:52 PM, JohnA said:

Still not as big as mine, Marvel. 


Next thing you'll be telling us how your bass extension reaches so solidly into the darkest and deepest of the bass octaves, how your response has none of that droopy overhang, but stops and starts, and stops and starts, with such unequalled precision that satisfaction is guaranteed, each hand every time.  Oops, that should be "each and every time".

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I have an update on this topic. As I type this I’m listening to Robin Trower: Bridge of sighs on my repaired Lascala’s. It’s been so very long. They need a good cosmetic sanding and thorough cleaning inside and out. Although it’s been since 1995 since I last heard them, a lifetime ago it seems. I’ve retired and suffered hearing loss raised a family,….they sound as good as I $remember. The crossovers will need to be replaced eventually but they are working great. Listening through a 150 wpc amp at 1.5 dec stereo. This is blissful to me. My new room seems to be a magical place hearing them again. Sorry to bore y’all  but it’s just like having an old friend returned.  
have a great afternoon.  


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On 5/11/2023 at 1:26 AM, Kevin cornette said:

KT88, thanx for info. I’m just an old analog guy. My first bass amp was a Kustom tubed amp, its tubes had to glow bright before it sounded. When I finally got my first split state Acoustic bass amp I was delighted. Turn it on and it played. Instantly.I’ve been a SS guy ever since.  Every where now you see patch cords, power cords, speaker cables all professing to improve sound quality whereas when I was in it ,you went to Radio Shack and spooled off what you needed. Same for ground wires. Given my age and damaged hearing do you think upgrading chords will make an audible improvement?


Sorry, I hadn't seen your question about the cables at the time. I can only speak for myself. I'm not demanding when it comes to power cables. For my stereo room I use an old-fashioned screw-in melting fuse instead of the house fuses with a switch, so that it can not swing and vibrate. Apart from that, all my power cables are completely standard, no mains filtering or anything like that. It's the device itself that can sometimes make a difference. I have a Quad 606 amp with an old-fashioned transformer. This filters the mains current better than the successor, the Quad 606 Mk2, for example. This has a toroidal transformer whose weak point is its ability to transform AC voltage up to 400 Hz. But I'm not too concerned about the whole issue.
As far as the speaker cables are concerned...30 years ago I attached more importance to them. I still have Kimber 8TC and 4TC from back then, back then it was an ok price, today 2x3 metres of Kimber 8TC cost over 500 USD. 
Yes, it should be a decent speaker cable, but no hocus-pocus. Recently my daughter and her husband bought themselves a nice little stereo, a Bluesound Powernode with Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a. I recommended Canare 4S11 as a speaker cable and I listened to it on my system. It sounds very good and costs about 8 USD per metre. Because it has such a good reputation, some dealers on Amazon now want an absurdly high price for it, so some attention is needed. Here is a fair price, but in Europe.
Canare is a leader in TV studio equipment, cables, connectors, etc. Japanese.
The rca cable from them is also very good, the L4E6S

You can see that good quality for professionals is also good enough for the home at a fair price.

Regarding banana plugs I use Deltron 579 and 550 (depending on gauge) to my highest satisfaction, it gives a very controlled connection, is silver plated and cost ca. 1.5 USD at Mouser the piece.


The most important thing, apart from a overall good quality as a basis, is that the hearing adapts very quickly... as long as nothing is disturbing or annoying, after two days you have completely forgotten the difference between good 10 USD cables and 150 USD cables.


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