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2 Early 80s Heresy HBR (V1 or 1.5) - How to get these to a new loving owner?

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Hi smarter people,


I've got two Heresy HBRs I inherited (Serial number on the back is 168Y931). While they are cool and sound awesome - I live in a small home with kids and a wife - all of whom don't care for these monster speakers taking up space. I also likely don't appreciate these the way I should and would definitely appreciate their fair value in my pocket.


So - How do I go about finding these a new home? What's the best place to sell them? I'd hate to ship them. I live in Dallas, TX so there's gotta be enough of a market for someone who does value these babies.


Also - what is fair value? I don't want to squeeze out every dollar. I'm not opposed to making someone's day with a good deal. I just don't know if they're $100 total or $1M.


Thank y'all.



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1983 HBR , value is at least  500$ and upwards   depending on the condition  , do you have any pictures ,

  you can sell  on this Forum's Garage Sale section , or Craigslist  , usaaudiomat.com  , Ebay 

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001 is right; $500 is the "good deal" starting point, depending on condition. If they're in good or better condition-cat didn't use the grills for a scratching post, kids didn't push the woofer dust caps in, no chipped birch veneer, watermarks, bad stain jobs; you get it, then $500 is a bargain.


So you can offer them on craigslist for a FIRM price of $500, or price them higher and leave yourself some wiggle room for the buyer looking for a steal.


Facebook Marketplace and craigslist are your best sites for local sales-that's where I found my Heresy's!

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