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help on identifying model of speakers

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Hello everyone, I'm looking for some help to identify a pair of speakers found at a local thrift store,and have not been able to find any other models that looks like them.

the low driver is a k-33-p

midrange is a k-55-v driver

along with a k77 for the tweeter speaker,

there is also a crossover board that dont appear to have a model number shown in pics

will post more pics if needed

please help,thank you






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Hello, and thank you for your help,i was thinking that the cabs were different, was these componets and and x-over board only used in the heresy model? 

what year would you date the componets? thank you 

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Hello and thank you for your insight on the componets,the network as far as i can only tell it says type B on it,also does any years on cornwall or heresy, use a round port on the front of the cabs? or could it be something someone added?



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