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College Football 2023


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15 hours ago, Ceptorman said:

The Florida Governor is saying he might sue to get his team back in it....

Awwww why?  All of us ballers up this way been saying this for years.


   Why ya think we calll it ESecPN up here?  We ALL knew ole Nickie was gonna get Bama in one way or another!   IF you can be honest with yourself you saw it coming too!     Silly Humans!  :)  😂  😎


Corrigan Collusion: The Head Of The College Football Playoff Committee And The VP Of Production At ESPN Are Brothers

John Rich
BREAKING: Bombshell Evidence has come out linking the CFP Committee's Head Chair to ESPN... The Head of the College Football Playoff Committee is NC State Wolfpack AD Boo Corrigan. Corrigan's already been criticized for his bias against FSU as a fellow ACC Athletic Director. 
Now here's where it gets even WEIRDER... Boo's brother is Tim Corrigan, the VP of Production at ESPN 👀 Given ESPN's close ties to the SEC, it would've benefitted the company to steal Florida State's Playoff spot & give it to Alabama...
It's already troubling how closely intertwined the CFP Committee & ESPN are organizations... but we didn't know there were FAMILY TIES between the executives of the two organizations 😳 Was there 'Corrigan Collusion', or was this all just a coincidence?
Kinda funny.  I remember OSU winning a Natty one year with a third string QB. 
So now there's one heck of a QB w/a broken leg who, along with his teammate's and Uni are deprived of a chance to play as one of the top 4 in the country?
Ole Nicky has his team in there though.  THAT you can take to the bank.  
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So much for a cupcake schedule next year.  :)


Georgia's 2024 football schedule revealed

8/31 Clemson (in Atlanta)

9/7 Tennessee Tech

9/14 @ Kentucky

9/21 Bye

9/28 @ Alabama

10/5 Auburn 1

0/12 Mississippi State

10/19 @ Texas

10/26 Bye

11/2 Florida

11/9 @ Ole Miss

11/16 Tennessee

11/23 UMass

11/30 Georgia Tech

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Many feel that SEC bias was a factor in Florida State being left out of the College Football Playoff following an undefeated season, and at least one coach from the conference is unhappy with the snub.

Missouri head coach Eli Drinkwitz discussed the College Football Playoff controversy during a Thursday appearance on SiriusXM’s College Sports Radio. Drinkwitz said he finds it absurd that a quarterback injury was the justification for excluding Florida State from the four-team field.

“If we’re gonna really have hard conversations, let me ask you this: If a team in the playoff has a star player get injured, are they gonna be removed from the playoff and then we put Florida State back in?” Drinkwitz asked. “That, to me, was complete nonsensical rationalization. I know I’m an SEC guy, but that one bothered me a whole lot.  Of course, many have pointed out that Drinkwitz would likely have a different opinion if his team were in Alabama’s position. If Missouri had one loss and defeated Georgia in the SEC Championship Game, Drinkwitz would almost certainly argue that the Tigers deserved a spot over Florida State.

Two sides to every coin applies here!  lol
Here is what has bothered me since the beginning of the Playoff system.  ESPN is nothing more than a media outlet.  Just like CBS, NBC, ABC and others.
WHY is ESPN even allowed in anything to do with the committee's decisions? They always have had their nose stuck in there.  The dude that started ESPN went to school where?  Bama, Ga or somewhere down there and vowed early on there would always be a one of that conferences teams in the playoffs.  How ya think they got as big as they are today?  Any other conferences that wanted prime time exposure HAD to crawl on board w/ESPN.  That's the crux of the problem as I and many others in sports news see it.
The NCAA has made some attempts to change it up but nothing to speak of has happened.
ESPN is just another news outlet why should they rule the world?  
That's ALWAYS held true.  Prove me wrong.  :)


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Are they supposed to pick the 4 best teams or what? They didn't do that last year and we all know what that got em.

 Nobody wants another 65-7 NCAA championship game, especially ESPN. Boy was that ugly. That's exactly what was brewing with Florida State and their 3rd string QB in the final 4. No matter what those people in the committee do, somebody is always gonna be unhappy, left out, and pissed off. If it's supposed to be the 4 best teams at the end of the season, they got that right. Sorry, Florida State is NOT one of the 4 best teams after losing their QB.


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54 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

My question remains the same..  Why does ESecPN even have their nose in the selection either directly or in-directly?  


They are nothing more than a media outlet.


Possibly to have control of the content to broadcast to secure high paying sponsors 

It’s an old saying but it’s true - Follow The Money 


Here is the major sponsors list 




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Rut roh.  Saban is now doin a lil bit of "leagalized" cheating when it comes to the semi-final game w/blue for the Natty this year.


Too funny!


Nick Saban wants every advantage possible heading into this year's Rose Bowl matchup against Michigan.

On Thursday, Alabama hired former Michigan linebackers coach George Helow. The former Wolverines assistant, who coached in Ann Arbor from 2021-22, will begin his coaching duties "immediately."



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  • 2 weeks later...

NCAA football bowl games and final scores into the weekend.  :)


New Orleans Bowl
Jacksonville State 34, Louisiana 31
New Orleans, Louisiana


Cure Bowl
Appalachian State 13, Miami (Ohio) 9
Orlando, Florida

New Mexico Bowl
Fresno State 37, New Mexico State 10
Albuquerque, New Mexico

LA Bowl
UCLA 35, Boise State 22
Inglewood, California

Independence Bowl
Texas Tech 34, Cal 14
Shreveport, Louisiana

Monday, Dec. 18

Bahamas Bowl (Temporarily renamed the Famous Toastery Bowl)
Western Kentucky 38, Old Dominion 35
Nassau, Bahamas (Temporarily relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina)

Tuesday, Dec. 19

Frisco Bowl
UTSA 35, Marshall 17
Frisco, Texas

Thursday, Dec. 21

Boca Raton Bowl
USF 45, Syracuse 0
Boca Raton, Florida

Friday, Dec. 22

Gasparilla Bowl
Georgia Tech 30, UCF 17
Tampa, Florida

Saturday, Dec. 23

Birmingham Bowl
Duke 17, Troy 10
Birmingham, Alabama

Camellia Bowl
Northern Illinois 21, Arkansas State 19
Montgomery, Alabama


Armed Forces Bowl
Air Force 31, James Madison 21
Fort Worth, Texas

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl
Georgia State 45, Utah State 22
Boise, Idaho

68 Ventures Bowl
South Alabama 59, Eastern Michigan 10
Mobile, Alabama

Las Vegas Bowl
Northwestern 14, Utah 7
Las Vegas, Nevada

Hawai'i Bowl
Coastal Carolina 24, San Jose State 14 
Honolulu, Hawai'i

New Orleans Bowl
Jacksonville State 34, Louisiana 31
New Orleans, Louisiana




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Tuesday, Dec. 26

Quick Lane Bowl
Minnesota 30, Bowling Green 24
Detroit, Michigan

First Responder Bowl
Texas State 45, Rice 21
Dallas, Texas

Guaranteed Rate Bowl
Kansas 49, UNLV 36
Phoenix, Arizona

Wednesday, Dec. 27

Military Bowl
Virginia Tech 41, Tulane 20 
Annapolis, Maryland

Duke's Mayo Bowl
West Virginia 30, North Carolina 10
Charlotte, North Carolina

Holiday Bowl
Southern Cal 42, No. 15 Louisville 28
San Diego, California

Texas Bowl
No. 20 Oklahoma State 31, vs. Texas A&M 23
Houston, Texas

Thursday, Dec. 28

Fenway Bowl
Boston College 23, No. 24 SMU 14
Boston, Massachusetts

Pinstripe Bowl
Rutgers 31, Miami (Fla.) 24
The Bronx, New York

Pop-Tarts Bowl
No. 25 Kansas State 28, No. 18 NC State 19
Orlando, Florida


Alamo Bowl
No. 14 Arizona 38, No. 12 Oklahoma 24
San Antonio, Texas


Friday, Dec. 29

Gator Bowl
No. 22 Clemson 38, Kentucky 35
Jacksonville, Florida

Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl
No. 16 Notre Dame 40, No. 19 Oregon State 8
El Paso, Texas

Liberty Bowl
Memphis 36, Iowa State 26
Memphis, Tennessee

Cotton Bowl
No. 9 Missouri 14, No. 7 Ohio State 3
Dallas, Texas

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Ohio State took one for the team last night against Missouri last evening in the Cotton Bowl.  Yaassss, it was about as ugly as they come.  Time for a bit of a short critique. 


1.  Your 11-1 QB hits the portal mainly because of the fan base throwing him under the bus all year expecting elite QB's like we've had in the past few years.  His first REAL season as QB1 and he goes 11-1?  He's only gonna get better. 


2.  Next man up who gets tackled early and winds up w/a high ankle spraih and done for the evening.  Replaced by a #3 Freshman QB.


3.  Easy fix for Missouri..  Stack their D line box and shoot Defensive backs/ends on every play.  Sure it worked.  The QB had zero time to  pass and was running for his life going backwards trying to make a play.

4.  The sun came up this morning to that loving fan base calling for the O-lines, Coaches, and players heads for such a bad showing and NOT getting a win.

5.   Silly humans!


ALL of it DID show one thing imo.  The gladiators AND coaches should only be allowed to hit the transfer portal or declde to go to the NFL in Feburary NOT before bowl games!  It's not a whine from me but only logic imo. :) 

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These guys were given a free education due to their talent.  They should be thankful and fulfill the obligation.  Lets play all season and then for one more game now youre worried you might get hurt?  I know its the signing bonus and since they never really paid attention to getting an education what else can they count on?

Without that education it all will be gone before they know it.  But as long as they dont learn they can be manipulated like the rest of uneducated america.

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Ohio State lost a couple more today.  Ward to the NFL as a sophmore and their punter to the portal.


It's allllll about the gladiator money.  You pay or they go.    


All the time spent recruiting to get a good class coming in seems to be dependant on how much a teams gonna pay you.    Sad but true.  This is JUST the beginning of it.  NCAA is gonna be a dog n pony show before it's done.

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