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unlisted: Overpriced KG 5.5's in Chicago Burbs


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I rescued a pair of 5.5's awhile back.  I refinished the cabinets and upgraded the diaphragms.  Plus, they had all of the badges and grills. The reason I purchased them in the first place is I just wanted to hear a pair of KG5.5's in my own home after many people on the forum said they enjoyed them.  Well, they didn't sound any better than the current speakers I had, so I sent them on their way to the next Klipsch lover to enjoy....  and if I remember correctly, I didn't even get close to half of what this guy is asking.


I see this a lot; people list something for a ridiculous price, hoping someone who doesn't know anything about the speaker will buy it based on reputation alone.  But then they realize pretty much everyone has the internet these days and if they are even remotely capable, they can find out the approximate value of most items these days.  Then, the seller, after sitting on the item with absolutely no interest, will slash a huge amount off the original asking price and pretend like he's doing everyone a favor!

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