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Dedicated CD player or DVD player


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On 9/24/2023 at 10:40 PM, parlophone1 said:




An older unit, so probably does not measure that well by today standards. However, I took it because of the functionalities. It has a nice combination of analog and digital connectivity, a good headphone amp, and is a nice preamplifier. The only thing missing on my list are balanced connectors.

Nice, I am a big fan of Musical Fidelity gear.  I have an older similar piece that also includes a CD player and an ADC with the DAC.  Great unit.

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3 hours ago, tigerwoodKhorns said:

What is the advantage of the 203 / 205 over the 105 if you do not use for movies?  I know the DAC is supposed to be better but mine sounds great on some very revealing speakers., 


not really no... the ess you have in the 105 is decent for sure. I use an external, so for me its more about the movie performance upgrade. I think there may have been a 'mechanism' difference between the 103/105 and the 203/205 which would help... but I cant find any info on that.


I do know there is, in my ears, an upgrade to having multiple DAC chipsets separated between LR as a general idea, but I dont know for sure if the 205 had multiple chipsets... like I had said, i dont use the internal DAC

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I have an Oppo 105 since 10 years and I think it's gorgeous! I compared it with several CD/SACD players (even Mc) and it is still my favorite player.

I use it with CD/SACD and also with BD (movies and concerts).

I can play Tidal with Oppo and maybe I'll buy only a decent DAC to upgrade the internal DAC of Oppo.

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Finally solved my dilemma.

Found a decent CD player on a black friday deal in a local hi-fi shop.

Musical Fidelity M3SCD.

Very wide sonic presentation, detailed enough, pleasing sound, good connectivity.

I regret that build quality is not better, meaning Sony esprit series from 1980s, but with two year warranty I chose to go for it.


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If you're into CDs for your music, a dedicated CD player like the Marantz 6007 could be sweet. But if you fancy playing other stuff like Blu-rays, a universal player like the Panasonic DP-UB820EG-K might be your jam. Some folks dig these players 'cause they cover more than just CDs. Oppo used to be cool, but it's out now.

If you're cool with your audio keeping its quality and you want to watch videos too, a universal player might be a good move. Just check if the audio stays top-notch for your 2-channel setup.

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