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Klipsch MCM 1900 4 Way System


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First post, new here

Second owner. These have been sitting in an unoccupied house since mid 1980. All were face down when stored.  Brought them home, tested and then cleaned them up. Transported by trailer to a party spot and rocked the shoreline at the lake all day (Great Day For Sure). They absolutley are the real deal.  Almost 100 percent sure that everything is original with no mods. I made the logo plates on front of bass bins and added the casters. Was limited on pics here so just two at this point ( I have more). One of speaks and one on lake day. I really want to keep but no room in 2 car garage lol. Was really hoping that they would go to a old school band or some venue that would keep them alive for what they are. $4500 obo

Located Central Coast of California

805-712-2917 Text  (Ray)

Not posted anywhere else at this point, wanted to keep in the Klipsch family......



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I had a pair of the MWM bass bins in our family room/former 2 car garage.


They worked very well with LaScala tops. These would be terrific for a school. Mine had been donated by a forum member to a college I worked at. They decided (after 4 or so years) that they didn't want them. They gave them to me.


These are excellent, cleanest bass you'll get for the money. Absolutely awesome speakers.

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