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Gauging Interest here before CL later


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 Cleaning up my 88 oiled walnut Khorns with ALK universals for sale.  Thinking about an area sale where I would help transport if needed within 100 miles of Boston.  Here are some initial pics of one speaker.  Looking at listings and recent sales but prices are all over the map.  Was there a member who kept a database of used sale prices?



Khorn back top off with ALK universal.jpg

Khorn front top.jpg

Khorn front.jpg

Khorn HF label.jpg

Khorn LF label.jpg

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2 hours ago, Delicious2 said:


Thanks billybob.  That is indeed helpful if not quite up to date.

Also, look at the Alerts section right here to look at recent sales of similar speakers. Anywhere from 25 to 45 hundred depending on condition/model/year.

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Additional pics of the other one.  Note: Woofer crossover components inside the woofer compartment door are still mounted but they have been bypassed as per ALK's instructions.  The top section of the AK2 crossovers will be included in the sale should you want to return them to stock.


ALK woofer crossover bypass.jpg

Khorn2 Top.jpg

Khorn2 back top off with ALK universal.jpg

Khorn2 Front.jpg

Khorn2 LF Label.jpg

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Thanks for the feedback everyone.  I didn't realize the voracious scamming on CL (it's been a while since I bought or sold there).  I got 4 scam attempts within 20 hours of listing.  Khorns are going on US Audio Mart later today.



Mark H

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Not getting much interest on US Audio Mart despite paying for featured listing.  I'll list them here with a regular Garage Sale post shortly.  Price $3700.  You bring the vehicle and I'll help you load them.  Can be seen and heard in Upton, MA 01568

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