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K-1013-K woofers for replacement for k-1036-k KLF-20?


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Edit: Does this belong in the technical/ restoration sub? If so, can a mod please move it to the correct one?  


I purchased four of the K-1013 woofers from Klipsch closeout new old stock about 13 years ago and they've just been sitting. I also have two Klipsch k-22-k woofers sitting around unsure what to do with. Would the K-1013 work better than the copy woofers found on eBay from Midwest Speakers, MW-5010-8. I'm considering building a copy of the KLF-20 horizontal for a center. Currently I have KLF-30's for fronts, KLF-C7 center, KLF-20's rear, and KSP-S6 for surround rears.


Klipsch K-1013-k parameters;

Been searching but unable to find using search engine | "k-1013" AND T/S site:community.klipsch.com


Midwest woofer T/S parameters;

Voice Coil Impedance: 8 ohm 
Rated Frequency Response: 20 - 2k Hz 
Sensitivity: 91 dB SPL 
(2.83V, 1 meter) 
Rated Power: 100 watts 
Program Power: 200 watts 
Magnet Weight: 2166 gr (76 oz) 
Fo: 28 Hz 
Re: 6.6 ohm 
Qts: 0.39 
Qms: 11 
Qes: .4 
Vas: 136 liters 
Xmax: 9 mm 
No: .8 % 


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