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Last kind of fish you ate


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Typically, I do my fishing at Kroger for both my fish and dates. I'm usually fishing for what's on sale in the clearance section. Sometimes I have to pay full price, but regularly I've been lucky in knowing when and where to go.

The last fish I ate was salmon seasoned with bourbon and brown sugar that I smoked on a charcoal grill. 


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I mainly eat salmon and not much of other types of fish; it's been a staple in my diet lately. Since I started using https://academized.com/do-my-homework services, I've found myself with much more time to focus on cooking proper meals. Before, balancing my academic workload left me little time to prepare nutritious dishes, but now I can enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. 
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On 5/31/2024 at 3:04 PM, the real Duke Spinner said:

I am partial to Red Snapper Preferably still warm

Definitely a favorite of mine, the young ones taste best. Gotta toss back the old crusty ones asap.

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On 9/25/2023 at 5:48 AM, Bubo said:

Red Snapper, blackened and cooked over a thin bed of sliced bell pepers

in a covered 9in saute aka frying pan on med-low heat to steam it.

no water added, fried with a few table spoons of sunflower oil


Served over rice (cilantro & lemon juice)

and steamed broccoli crowns, no asparagus at the store.......


My first snapper, loved it......

That sounds delicious! Blackened Red Snapper cooked with bell peppers, served over cilantro lemon rice, and steamed broccoli is a fantastic combination. Too bad about the asparagus, but it looks like your first snapper was a success!

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