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New Home Theater System for a large room


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I don't think the speaker complement is too important, but the size(s) of the subwoofers would be as they must fill your large room volume with explosions, etc.


I would buy the largest subwoofer you can afford and allocate the remaining money for the home theater speakers. Your budget will rule everything.


Another option is to buy a system you can afford, making sure the system is easily capable of expanding from one subwoofer to two. Some subs offer an output to

daisy-chain to a second subwoofer, for instance. Other systems' electronics might offer 2 subwoofer outputs. Buy the system with one subwoofer now, and later when

the pocketbook refills you add the second subwoofer if you're dissatisfied with one.


Personally, I think any of the Klipsch systems will fill your home theater with satisfying movie sound; it's the subwoofer output and low extension that you will need to focus on. For instance, a small 8" or 10" subwoofer might work for a bedroom or den home theater but not a room as large as yours.


And honestly; while it's cool to have a full complement of 5 or 7 speakers, it might be prudent from a financial, sound, and room limitation standpoint to start with a 3.1 system, avoiding the surround speakers for now and upgrading later if you choose. Some of the "faux" surround settings are convincing enough and leave you without the room clutter of the extra wiring and effects speakers.


Note that Klipsch often runs specials on their web site, and many occur right around the holidays. But some times you can't wait!

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I have a SVS P-2000 Pro and got a hook up for another one so the subwoofers I have covered. I am just curious on the speaker system itself to make sure I don’t fall short or over shoot due to my room size.

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Well, if you already have the subwoofer and you're satisfied with its level in your room, then I'd say any of the Klipsch home theater packages,

minus the subwoofer, should be sufficient. The main speakers are going to cross over to your SVS plenty high enough to take off any low frequency

burden the main speakers might bear. And the Klipsch system should be able to play loud enough for good dialog throughout the room.

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