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1960s’ Klipschorns serial numbers 1762 & 1763 info needed

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I recently purchased a pair of 1960s’ klipschorns (Serial #s 1762 & 1763) and I would like to know the manufacturing details of this set of speakers.


Wood color, drivers, crossovers and the date of manufacturing would be very helpful for me.  (See attached photos)


Thanks!  Wayne Smith






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Hi, photos 1 & 2 - Serial number 1762 stamped into top rear of cabinet and barely readable factory label.

Photos 2& 3 - Serial number 1763 stamped into top rear cabinet and barely readable factory label.

Photos 5 & 9 - Factory labels for both top horn cabinets

Photos 6 & 7 - photos of both K-55-V horns

Photo 8 - Front photo of one of the KHorns

Photos 10,11 &12 - photos of the crossovers


I appreciate everything you are doing to assist me in researching these speakers, thanks!













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@Waymarsol56      The  khorns you  own are original klipschorns 1955    ,  the speakers no longer have the correct midrange drivers for 1955  ,  but they do have the  Mids 1955 wood horns ( painted black  ) . 


The  K-55V mids cpmpression  drivers  are not original to these 1955  cabinets   ,these were added at a later date  ,  the K-55V only came out in Nov 1961 .


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 good news , the crossovers  K-500 / 5000 + the cabinets + the mids horns  are   1955    

the K-55V Midrange drivers are not original to these speakers  


2 parts remain  to  be verified.....the tweeters and the woofer 

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Thanks for the info!  I picked them up last Saturday and hopefully I’ll have them set up tomorrow with som assistance from my son & grandson.  These things are Heavy!

I’ll take a look at the woofers & tweeters in the next few days.  Thanks again!

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