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Sold - Erhard Audio Aretha Preamp and Janis Phono - Sold


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I've moved to a passive Preamp, so these have just been sitting for the last couple of months.

The Aretha has the following additional upgrades:
Stereo/mono switch
Remote control
Tone defeat switch

The purchase price for the Aretha today from Erhard would be about $2100 with addons and shipping

This comes with a matched quad of Tung Sol 6SL7GT

I have a TON of other 6SL7 varient tubes including a couple of the industrials. If you want tubes to roll in this, we can work something out to get you some really nice tubes to play around with!

I also have the Janis Phono. It has loading dip switches for both MM and MC carts. The purchase price for a Janis today would be a little over $1600 new with shipping.


Comes with Electro Harmoix 6922E gold pin tubes.

I have a set of Bugle Boy ECC88 that I can include for an additional cost.

If someone wants to buy this as a set, I'd let them go with the stock tubes for $2000 plus shipping.


Original manuals will also be included.

If separate I'm thinking:

Aretha- $1200
Janis- $1000

I'm super easy to work with, great at packing, and motivated to sell!





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