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Rega Ania MC Cartridge

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On 1/29/2024 at 9:32 AM, Cal Blacksmith said:

What are your thoughts on it? 

I love my Planar 3 but years ago I settled in my cart.

At first the upper frequencies seemed a bit harsh. After about 15 hours and playing around with my phono preamplifier settings the upper frequencies are starting to smooth out. Bass is spectacular. 

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It's a very good cart. I had it re-tipped with a Microline nude boron stylus by the needle doctor. It was the single biggest upgrade I've ever done to my system other than buying Fortes. It's the same needle on the $5400 Rega Apehlion. The internals on the Ania and Aphelion are identical, says so right on the Rega website. After the new needle I could not believe the improvement in resolution and impact. Stunning.


When chatting with him he said it would turn my Ania into the Aphelion. I was skeptical to say the least. After listening a few hours I could not believe how good it sounds. Still blows me away to this day. I've had him re-tip it twice more and am still thrilled to this day. Best $450 I've ever spend on my system.


The needle also drastically reduces surface noise. Somehow it gets deeper into the grooves and avoids some surface noise. There are records I can barely listen to on my Thorens table with an Ortofon bronze that I barely notice the surface noise on my Rega. I actually buy records that are visually lesser quality now and most of the time I'm not disappointed.

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