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Hey guys, excuse my lack of knowledge, but I have recently decided to buy a home theater/music system. I have looked at many setups and would like to know your opinions on a couple: First, Yamaha HTR5550 Receiver with klipsch SF1 Fronts, SC.5 Center, SS.5 Rears, and a ksw-10 sub.

2nd.- Harman Kardon AVR-325, or AVR-525 with the Harman Kardon HKTS-12 Surround sound speaker package.

I am looking for around a ceiling of $1500.00 for a entire package. ( I know, small potatoes to most of you guy's, but this is what I can justify on spending)

Thanks in advance on any opinions you may have on these set-ups or do you have any great idea's on a good package in the price range?

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Hey man,

I had about the same $ amount in mind when I started a HT replacement. I bought one year old speakers. Ksf-8.5's, sc-1, ksw-12, and sb-1's. I bought a new Yamaha rx-v630 receiver. I have no regrets about any of it, although I am still looking for a rear center speaker. It is just enough to let me know how nice a Klipsch system can be and to want bigger, stronger, faster, etc. (Calm down and be happy with what you got (for now)). If you get a chance, compare the Yamaha HTR series with their RX-V series.

good luck2.gif

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I would go with the Harmon Kardon AVR225 and Some SF-2's or even some RF-3II's. Even if you have to hold off on a sub for a while. The 225 has plenty of power for almost any Klipsch speaker and both the SF-2's and RF-3II's have decent bass until you can save up for a sub. My suggestions:

Option 1:





Option 2:





Get a decent sub later. Klipsh is in the process of replacing a lot of the Reference line with new models, maybe there will be some sales. Don't think twice about the Harmon Kardon, I have both the AVR7000 and AVR125. I just got the AVR125 for a spare system from Reliable Audio Video ( www.reliableaudiovideo.com ) for a great price. They register the product, so any warrantee work is still covered. I also use an HK550i receiver in my workshop, this receiver is 16+ years old.

Good luck!!


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1500 is a good price point for a decent entry level moderate system. I would personnally stay away from the HTR line from yamaha they dont really match well with the klipsch. I have a 6 year old Yamaha dspa 3090 which has Dolby Digital only but also has superior and cleaner internals then the HTR line. It will handle everything except component video inputs. they can be had from 300-500 online and the replacement the DSPA1 can be had for 4-600 online (ebay) both great units for the price. That would leave 1000 to spend on speakers. Dont buy the HK subsat system its not what you really want. You could go with a pair of KLF 10s (500) online the KLFC7 2-300 online and some synergy surrounds or the SB2 for your surrounds (depends on if you like direct radiating surrounds or bi/dipolar)

So my advice in short


AMP HK AVR 520/499/Onecall.com Yamaha DSPA3090/A1/400/EBAY

Front Spkrs Klipsch SF2/500/Soundcity.com Klipsch KLF10/20s/500-700/ebay

Center Klipsch SC1/200 or less/same KLipsch KLFC7/KSFC5/180-250/ebay

Surround Klipsch SS1/300 or less Klipsch KSFS5/2-300/ebay or new

Klipsch SB2/300 or less

You must call soundcity try x708 and talk to john you will get an authourized dealer at a great discount.

Sub Save and go with and SVS sub

Hope this helps either way you go i think you will be happy. Just remember if you want new go to soundcity.com and call them

Good luck

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