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WTB: Klipsch KP480 18" Driver (K-49-KP)


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Hello. Anyone got one of these floating around? 

Otherwise I'm gonna have to replace both with the Eminence Kappalite 18. Which I don't wanna do, I've never heard them but specs look similar and so does the basket. @Chief bonehead kinda nailed these guys, my fave PA sub ever, conveniently sized for my La Scalas.

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3 hours ago, justonemore said:

looks like Simply Speakers has a recone kit.

They sure do. I only have 1 K-49... the bloke I bought these off was a complete flog and sold me one of these with a Behringer 18" drive unit, and shredded passives. 

It was pouring rain when I picked them up from a storage unit in the middle of nowhere - but then again, for $400AUD, what do you expect?

Drivers gotta match - hence the Eminence. I'll prob sell the K-49 on the bay.

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On 3/8/2024 at 5:12 AM, Klipspl4me said:

Long term watcher, first activity (joined today). I’ll have to confirm when I get home but, I think I have (2) K-49-KP’s and (4) K47’s. 49’s were in factory boxes that I still have. 

Thank you! Standing by.

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