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13 hours ago, Marvel said:

My first wife and I moved quite a number of times, both before and after having kids. The audio gear was always the first thing set up in the new apartment or house. That way we could always have music as we unpacked in the new digs.


She was also at the new place directing movers ( be they friends or paid) where to place all the heavy stuff. Usually, most everything was set up at the end of the day.That did get more difficult by the time we had three kids in tow.

That's usually how it goes for me. The last time we moved (which is in our current house), we had a pizza/painting party. So before the guests showed up my wife looked at me and said "Well, I'm surprised the stereo isnt here yet. What are you waiting for?" It's good to have someone who either enjoys your hobby with your or understands the importance to you.

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4 minutes ago, The Dude said:

If I was in that situation not having anyone telling me i can't, I would definitely add sound panels where they are needed right way. 


Rugs on the floor and some heavy blackout curtains too.

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