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Auro 3D / Atmos universal Setup -> going 7.1.4 or 5.1.5?

Mr. Lime

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Dear community,

I'm currently upgrading my surround sound system and have some speare Klipsch LS.
Recently I added the RP 160 speakers because I wasn't happy with the 250S speakers.
At the moment I'm using 5.1.2 without side surround speakers and it's already a decent sound.

Wondering what you guys would do with them and how you would set up my living room.

I drew my current plan to show the situation. The 250s are in the position I used before my upgrade.
Today I got four 500SA height speakers that I would simply put in line with the front and back speakers.
30° elevation angle.

Denon AVC X3800
2x RP-260 
RP440C Center


2x RP 160M
4x RP 500SA

Left over:
2x RP-140SA Upfire LS
2x RP250S Sourround 

What would you guys suggest before I start wiring up all new?

Aiming for Auro 3D upscaler for listening to music and Dolby Atmos for movies I'm looking for a universal placement.
Considering the room, would you guys stick to 5.1.4 or add the side surrounds (if yes, the 140SA or better 250S)?

If I ditch the 90° side surround speaker, shall I add one of the RP-140SA as center height for the use of Auro 3D 10.1?
Is the second 140SA theoretically suitable as "voice of god" speaker?

Looking forward to your thinkings!
best regards from Vienna


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Before considering doing the "voice of god" speaker make sure the Auro 3D upmixer in the Denon receiver actually uses it.  With my Denon AVR-X4400H, it did not.  It was only ever active with native Auro 3D content that had VOG content.  For me that was on one disc, a European Blu-ray copy of Pixels that I bought on eBay just to test an Auro 3D movie.  I ended up disconnecting that speaker so that I could use the output for another subwoofer. 

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