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SOLD - Chorus II's in Houston $800 (black)


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While everyone is debating the $4k Chorus II's advertised elsewhere, I'm putting my Chorus II's here in Houston up for sale.  Thinking $800.


Have had for 15 years, all original except for the grills, which were purchased new from Klipsch several years ago when you could still get them.  Nonsmoker, no pets.


Certainly not as nice as those for $4k, and obviously cosmetically they are in relatively rough shape, compared to most on this site.  They were this way when I bought them, but musically they sounded as they should back then, and still do.


Comments are welcome, if you're not too tough on me  :)


Don't need to sell, but if someone is interested who is local, please let me know.
















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 Dam good deal if you ask me can't believe you're selling these! Can I ask what you replaced them with? I'd wish you luck on the sale but don't think you need it at that price.

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Hi, jjptkd (remember you from the Carver forum - (sold you a Sunfire Sig amp you said you were giving to OO).  These are my office speakers and will be retiring soon, have Quartets at home.  The Quartets are mint and are a better fit for the house, so.............

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Rah, thanks for all the communication regarding these speakers and the Quartets.  As soon as I got home I hooked them up in the workshop.  They sound great and it's fun comparing them to the Cornwalls.  Now I need to work on getting them refinished.

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  • rah changed the title to SOLD - Chorus II's in Houston $800 (black)
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IMG_4697.HEICThey sound great.  At times I think they sound as good as the Cornwalls.  But I think the Cornwalls are a little better.  They sound a lot better than the Quartets, but that's understandable.  Quartets sound great until you compare them to the bigger Klipsch.  As you can see they are in my workshop and aren't in the ideal position for the best sound.  I still enjoy all of them though.  Since this picture was taken I have relocated the 4 B&O speakers in the rear and moved the Chorus and Quartets back and closer to the wall.  The bass was greatly improved.  I am still trying to figure out what I am going to about refinishing the Chorus.


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