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Crites/B&K A 4500 networks - SOLD

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Pair of A/4500 networks. These are prior to his copper, silver, gold designs; however, they would fall into the gold category if purchased directly ($500) and these come with the nicer cedar planks. 


$300 shipped anywhere within the lower 48. Venmo or Zelle payments accepted (sorry no PayPal).




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16 hours ago, Tony T said:

Is it true these can only be used with the CT120 or CT125 Tweeters?


"Suitable for use in: Klipschorn, LaScala, and Belle - ONLY with my CT120 or CT125 Tweeters"

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  • haydukej changed the title to Crites/B&K A 4500 networks - Pending


Depends on how you use your speakers, if you have flea or low powered amps and listen to your speakers conservatively I am sure you can get away with using the crossover with the K-77. They have to write this warning because of worst case scenario, which actually happens quite frequently where someone runs a high powered amplifier full bore to fill a dance hall or large room party etc... If this is you then I also recommend only using these crossovers with an upgraded tweeter that can handle the power.


So the answer to which speakers can use this is it depends on the tweeter in either LaScala, Klipschorn, or Belle speakers OR if you do not push your speakers hard and use low powered amps (less than 10 watts I would think) your fine with just the K-77 in either of these three speakers.

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  • haydukej changed the title to Crites/B&K A 4500 networks - SOLD

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