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Something for everyone. Refrain from comments. PM the rest.

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Primarily intended as a local sale.
Can deliver myself, meet 1/2 way, or ship most of what's on this list. Additional fees not included
Most items do not have OG boxes, but do have accessories.
Pics are only going to happen if you are 90% sure you are buying. Some items are currently in use.
Prices are my net, not yours.
Thanks for looking 👀

AVR's and Processors

Denon X4400H

Marantz AV7703

Marantz SR6012

Yamaha RX-V2500 AVR


Niles SI-2125 2-channel 125W class A/B amplifier


Monolith V1 500W 12" subwoofers x2
$425 each
SVS SB-3000 Pair

Klipsch RP-160M Walnut
JBL 250Ti speaker pair in Teak (flagship) (rare)

JBL 240Ti speaker pair (rare)

JBL 40T3 speaker pair (Ultra Omega rare)

JBL 200T3 speaker pair (Ultra Omega rare)

JBL 20T3 speaker -2 pairs in Walnut
$125 each pair

JBL 20T speaker pair in Clear Oak

JBL 580 speaker pair in boxes

JBL 530 speaker pair in box

Revel M16 speaker pair


JVC X30 projector

Panasonic PT-RZ470UK laser projector

ELPLP89 Bulb New in Box (Epson UB5040-6050)


Stewart Fimscreen and frame
100" 16:9 ST130

106" 2.35:1 ST100 w/Stewart Balon' Borderless frame


60" Panasonic Plasma TC-P60ST60 w/box. Have 2 units
$100 each

Video Source

Denon DVD-1920 SACD


Monoprice SS-Pro 8 Impedance Matching 8-Speaker Selector w/box

My JBL Museum.jpg

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