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WTB: First Watt SIT-3 or F3


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4 hours ago, rplace said:

Fellow Klipsch member has an F8 up for sale.






Thanks for the plug Rich.


My F8 is probably the best SS amp I have owned and can't imagine it getting much better for our Heritage Klipsch.


I have used it to drive my La Scalas as well as running the K 402 in my active system.

It excels in both applications!


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Thanks for the assist guys! I did consider the F8 but I already have the J2 and I think they are closer in sound as opposed to the F3/SIT3. Otherwise would be amazing to try.


I am looking for less neutrality/transparency and more musicality, second order harmonic distortion. My understanding is the F3 is highly rated by members of the forum and beyond for coming close to the tube sound in a single-ended, single-stage config (JFETs) while the SIT-3 is single-ended (not single gain) but uses VFETs in a novel way to achieve a more musical sound. 


Those of you with experience with the aforementioned amps are welcome to correct my understanding from having read about them. The J2 was an immediate and wonderful improvement over the MC-252 that was handling HF duty with my Heritage Jubilee speakers. The J2 sounds lovely but I am very curious how the SIT3 or F3 could improve the sound even more. I am fast approaching diminishing returns at this point but my curiosity is pushing me to discover more. It's been so much fun reading about Nelson Pass, exploring the diyAudio scene and diving into amplifier design. 

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