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Klipsch Heresy Speakers for Sale

Larry H

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I have a pair of speakers (and other Klipsch) speakers for sale. Center Channel, and 8" powered subwoofer.


I have no idea what they are worth, please advise or if you are interested in buying. I am in New Jersey.

Klipsch Speakers-1.jpg

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1 hour ago, imeiamme said:



nice speakers. What part of New Jersey? I might have a suggestion. 

Do you mind if I send to you a PM?

Seller needs 3 more posts to enable PM function...

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Thank you both @billybob and @opnly bafld.


I guess I’ll just make comment here. It was more a question. Not so much for myself. 

A local community television station with other media portions; radio, and such. I’ve discussed with them about speakers. I’ll share your post information with them. My question to them would be based on your interests and their ability to satisfy your interests. Before speaking their parts, I’d just say, “There is a room of old equipment, that has been phased out. Nothing broken. Just, antiquated.”


Massachusetts has some requirements for old gear. So, in short - the board may approve a trade. You may need to be present when they do. 

Once, again. I am not part of the Community television. I am in the community. Either way, I’ll break out the vinyl. You really want to hear the vinyl on these speakers before returning to NJ.

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