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Vintage Home Theater setup for sale. 1xRC7 4xRS7 1xRSW15


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Located in Nakina, NC (near Wilmington, NC)
Would prefer local sale due to size and weight of all this. 


I'm unsure about what they are all actually worth, not to be confused with "I'm a fool." :)

I dont want to say make an offer, but is anyone even interested in this lot at a fair price, that is local enough to come get it?

1 Onkyo TXNR797
4 RS7 Black

1 RC7 Black

1 RSW15 Black

2 Bose 501X double cube Black

Can provide pics once I get them all all the wall and dusted good.
Should be very nice finish as they have been up since new.

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22 hours ago, Zen Traveler said:

Fwiw, RC-7 in good condition is gold for any generation of RF-7 owners and probably anyone else with larger Klipsch towers up front. 


 Yup, one of Klipsch finest IMO worked well as a center with my Chorus II's for years. Also ran a pair in stereo for a bedroom setup I preferred them over the 75's and even the Palladium 17's. 

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Pics for those interested.  RS7s were hung near the ceiling on the room and the RC7 was in a built-in shelf in the wall.  The subs sat out in the front of the room and the old owner had a couple cats indoors.  The pics don't really do them justice. The flash makes every little thing look worse.  All that said everything works and it sounds awesome.










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