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tech info re R-5800-W speaker box

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Hello. I have a set of four brand new original model R-5800-W's (not the new model II's) and I'm looking to build cabinets for each of them.

Ideally, I'd like to marry them into pairs and have two boxes with two speakers each. If there is a reason not to do this, I'd love to hear it.


Is anyone aware of any data regarding cubic volume or cabinet depth for these?

I've built a custom subwoofer box before, but the sub manufacturer did all the math for me.



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Welcome @badgerpants1872...

You could do a larger cavity than the enclosed dual woofers, but not necessary and redundant so, box size/volume not relevant except for sturdy boxes stable enough for me vibration. Using 2 per box also redundant yet, since you have them, yes could try it.

Being in wall enclosed speakers, tight against  vibration a concern.

 Since no mention of Klipsch sub amp, what will you power them with?


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24 minutes ago, badgerpants1872 said:



These are the speakers. Not subs.

My mistake! Yes, you will want, standalone boxes of some size. So, no inwall installation. One clue is the volume of installed is some volume, that I estimate as inside wall which is akin to infinity. So, unless more input from group, practically any size should work, even a ported one, for1or 2. 12 inch box for 1 should work. Good fortune...

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