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damaged during shipping KV3 i need some advice


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i purchased a kv3 for $175 that was in mint condition. it arrived yesterday by ups. the problem is it was damaged during shipping. the side veneer is on a corner is chipped,but the box itself doesn't seem to be damaged to the point where it well effect sound. one of the speakers closest to the area damaged is also bad, seems as if metal cylinder on back of speaker has separated and the speaker doesn't work.

my dilema is this:

a: do i keep the speaker and renagotiate price if possible from owner, then replace bad speaker with a new one from klipsch.

b: have already been in touch with ups and they are going to pick up on monday (was insured)but have not been able to reach the original owner since damaged.

c: bid on one of the kv3's currently on ebay and try my luck getting another one for the same price or less and hopefully having it arrive undamaged.

i guess what iam asking is this speaker worth fixing once damaged or should i forget about it and try for another one.

sorry about all the rambling any input would be greatly appreciated.


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My guess is UPS will reimburse you for the insurance amount (assuming it was close to market value, which you'll have to document) and you'll be made "whole" in the transaction. Then, you'll end up buying another one since UPS will keep the KV-3 after they reimburse you.


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Bummer about the damage. I had a speaker doamged in shipping. Only cpsmetic though. Turned out that UPS paid me the insured value & I kept the speaker. Makes a fine center channel for my Klipsh heritage system.

No doubt an insurance claim is in order. Assuming you purchased insurance.

Good luck. Just be patient. The end result should be fine.



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I suggest KG 3.5's all around (including center). I recently bought six new-in- box 2001 (manufacture year) 3.5's from a Klipsch authorized dealer to go with my 1994 fronts. Paid $150 each including shipping. Then I did a hornED mod to make one 3.5 a center channel to replace a KV-2. I got the idea and all the help I needed from this forum. This gives the best possible timbre match across the front. IMO there is nothing like matching speakers all around, especially a floorstanding speaker like the 3.5.

Good luck with whatever you decide...

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I used to work for UPS in the claims department, and they do not sell "insurance". They do require a declared value of the merchandise being shipped; the default value is $100, anything above that is an additonal cost to the shipper (about $.50 per $100 of value above the default). That is the maximum that you will receive from UPS, and you must have documentation to get more than the first $100.

I would try to contact the shipper and speak to him on the declared value of the shipment, and then wait on UPS to process the claim. This procedure should only take a couple of days after the damaged speaker is picked up.

I hope this helps; if you want to ask me questions about this process, e-mail me directly.


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