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I am going to Pakistan


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Today I'll be leaving for Karachi, Pakistan. I'll be coming back on Wednesday night, so I'll be there for about a week.

I'm going there to visit family members because my spring break just started.

My father won't be able to come because of the war. 7.gif

He said that if Mr. America decides to bomb (and they will do), it could have a huge impact on the market here. And since he works in a bank, he'll need to be here in order to take care of any "sudden changes" in the market.

Anyway, I'll be leaving in 4 hours.

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I'm Glad to see you are as asinine as ever ! I do appreciate some consistency in my life .

I recognise that your wish to see instability in the Middle East is as least as fervent as your desire to pay $6.00 a gallon for your gas !

Now..... Go F**k Your Hat.

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If you Notice it was Socialist Bastard Lynn that started the Politics Once again. I see this is where all the Riff-Raff congregates. Here you also see the reason why I notice so many of the Good posters that talk audio have left this Board. Seemed to start going downhill fast when Cattle Prod showed up. Maybe Klipsch should have a 10 year-old age limit. LOL

Cooking that crow yet Pacifist Libbies? HAHAHA Especially Lynn you commie loser POS. You should listen to your own PM. LOL

Sorry bunch of No-Lifes. LOL

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The depths of your stupidity amaze even me ! You are so freaking paranoid that you can make a gratuitous political attack on me for making an essentially non-political comment and then blame me for being the one who started the problem.

I will to the type of name calling that you can understand:

Here is the deal :

You are a moron

You are a boob

You are an imbecile

You are a waste of space

You are a pathetic little dweeb who spends his existence fantasing about what it would be like to have a life

I don't like you even one little bit!

If pressed I will cease to be restrained and tell you what I really feel.

Oh and ....... Go F*ck Your Hat........ That is all the action you are likely to see anyway ---- Pornstar !

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