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It is indeed incredible how a reporter will want to report something that will totally screw up a whole operation (and cost American lives)by telling the enemy our plans. I haven't trusted a reporter in 15 years.

At my old job as a gun dealer I would get approched a couple times a year to give and interview about the Laws/Fireams/People's Rights etc....and I would tell each one of them the same thing. "Alright, I'll give you the interview. Under one condition, Everything I say will meat FCC guidlines. I get complete control over final editing and what actually goes in print and on the air, period." No takers. They always want to make the story sound the way they want to and not the way it is/was.

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I'm all for coverage of what is going on, but sometimes I think the media gets a little too "in depth" with their coverage. I worry that they put out too much vital information, and will hinder the operations. I pray this is over quickly.

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On 3/20/2003 9:25:25 AM jt1stcav wrote:

I agree...it's time for a new avatar.

Gotta show our support for our Armed Forces!

"The First Team!"

MMC, Division Support Command

1st Cavalry Division

Ft. Hood, Texas

1981 - 1983


I also agree.

C btry 1st/229 FA (Oil City, PA)

28 Infantry (Mechanized) Division

PA National Guard (4 years)

A btry 2nd/111 FA (Richmond, VA)

29 Infantry (Light) Division

VA National Guard (2 years)


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fox news channel???? HA HA HA HA HA

bunch of rabid dogs, with o'riley leading the pack. I heard that they also signed up monica lewinski for an entertainment program... that ought to suc...

maybe we can take care of that channel after iraq...

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This is great! I wonder how many "klipschans" here are active duty/veteran/retired military personnel? Since PYRO was first to show his support for our troops by changing his avatar to his old unit, I challenge all Klipsch Forum members who served/are now serving the military by changing their current avatars with their military unit crests/insignia!

It's the very least we can all do for our brave men and women who are now in harm's way, in all branches of the military!

"First Team Always!"

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I don't like CNN. They are WAY too dry and they don't tell you anything. Fox News actually has a little human factor to it.

There is also a HUGE difference between Fox and CNN, CNN tried to cater to all "international" audiences, while Fox is more geared towards Americans, in the reguard the news Fox tells is relevant to people in the USA. Well, I am in the USA.

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