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Kain, you ignorant ****. Fox is Neutral. The reason you think it's biased is Because you're a Biased, Totalitarian and Terrorist supporting POS. Get off of here you scumbag. Except for the Naive and Ignorant Riff-Raff here, we're tired of you using us for ALL your stupid questions.

You're a complete Camel's *** and pain in ours.

You may be a teenager, but you have the mentality of an American 7-year old.

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Earwax, Everybody except your Biased Liberal Clown buddies know you're a Biased Leftist so your opinion really means Squat. Fact is Fox has as many Liberals as Conservative.

Answer this Sunflower Facist. Are you Really as stupid as you come across here or is that from your lack of translation skill??? LOL he-he-he

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Holy crap.

I do not speak or read Arabic, so I have no idea what the corresponding text was AND I know that the source is suspect, but check out the pictures of alleged civilian casualties on the Al-Jazeera web site.

I thought the first picture of the girl was a mask that someone dropped until I saw the rest of the pics and could make out that it was supposed to be a victim.

I am not making a statement one way or the other with this one...check the pics and think for yourself. Assuming they are real, and they may not be (it certainly could be a propaganda vehicle, although you really can't expect to launch thousands of missles into a major city w/o hitting someone), putting a face on "collateral damage" (a concept I think is, at times, a necessary evil) should make even the staunchest proponent of this war really take stock of their personal rationale for its necessity.

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Also keep in mind that the Iraqs are launching missles, and shooting lots of anti-aircraft shells. Remember, what goes up, must come down! Not that Im denying US Missles are causing damage, just a point to keep in mind.

Again, my prayers and thoughts are with our troops, and any civilians who are caught up in the whole situation.


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With all the cruise missiles hitting targets all over Iraq one would have to be really stupid or blind and dumb not to think there are countless more civilians killed,seriously wounded.These people see the third war in a very short time,plus economic sanctions(Saddam was not hurt a bit by these,the poor civilians were).

To say a cruise missile is accurate is very true,but when the explosive is detonated the explosion produced will kill anyone near the designated target.Oh wait its so damn accurate it selects its victims! LOL

Its so accurate it shoots allied planes down!!!talk about greatness

What you see on TV is embellished war,they show only fragments to make them look good.In other words half the truth.When this war is over you can bet the civilian death toll to be sky high,only immoral beasts will gloat in delight of a great vitory.

Anyone who claims to wage a clean war must think the population is retarded or brain dead

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